Message from Travis

What is currently happening with "Milestones", the history of Marshalltown? Script work is nearing completion and a cast is being formulated now for the voices and actors portraying the major historical figures in the upcoming sound and light show during Oktemberfest at the Marshall County Courthouse on Sept 26th at 8:30 pm. and September 27th at 7:30 pm.

Behind the scene work employs many technicians from spotlight operators, lighting techs, stage managers and video camera personnel to the Producer and Technical Producers of the show. Travis Swenson is one of those Technical Producers for the upcoming sound and light show. I am the "right hand man" to the shows Executive Producer Mick Jurgensen.

Here is Tech Trav's story…

Qualifications of Travis

It is my responsibility for securing the equipment that includes the lighting, sound, and visual equipment that is needed to portray the project of the "show" upon the County Courthouse. This also includes the generators and separate power systems that are required as to not interrupt the daily operation of the Courthouse. We are currently in the final stages of securing the people and other technicians that are required to make this show "come to life".

My background consists of many years before this time, while in junior high and high school, when then musical teacher Mick Jurgensen was an instructor at the Lone Tree School District. One day a student began helping out with the sound and lighting equipment and never really stopped. That student was myself. Many elaborate musicals and concerts were done on the high school level. During this time I also assisted Mick with two other sound and light shows at Iowa Wesleyan College in Mt. Pleasant, IA titled "In Thy Halls" portrayed on the building "Old Main" on the campus. This show depicted the history of the college and the building "Old Main" as it came to life.

I took this experience on into college and used it there in the theatre department and the vocal singing group Jazz Transit assisting with the audio mixer. During my tenure there in college at I found my real calling in video production within the communication field. I assisted in the technical setups and shoots on various projects in and round campus.

Upon completing college I was inspired to get into the mobile television production, which consisted of televising college and professional basketball games seen on IPTV, ESPN, and many other networks. I worked for Metro Studios out of Cedar Rapids video taping events out of a mobile semi trailer that contained all the equipment required to produce programs for the television networks. I currently work in Denver, CO, on a much larger mobile production unit for Mountain Mobile Television. It is there that I am referred to as a EIC or Engineer In Charge. I am responsible for the day-to-day operation of the technical equipment that is housed in the trailer that travels from city to city on a daily basis. If a piece of electronic gear breaks - I fix it. I am not responsible however for the content of the show being produced.

I hope that the community comes out to support the production of "Milestones" on the Courthouse Square to enjoy an evening or two of history of the wonderful County of Marshall and the community of Marshalltown. We are also going to attempt to simulcast the show in Spanish within the Courthouse Square so bring your Walkman headphones. Please no boom boxes. Don't forget your lawn chairs or lawn blankets as the show is portrayed on the front of the building. The cast and the crew hope you enjoy the hard work that many people in the community have donated their time and effort to bring you "Milestones".