Qualifications of Mick Jurgensen

 by Liz Jurgensen


Mick grew up in Marshall county and currently resides in Marshalltown since 1996. Mick has always been fascinated by the way light, technology, music, history, and art can bring an inanimate object alive and be given a voice. Mick is not unfamiliar with creative productions. He is the creator of the Big Treehouse. The creation, started in 1983, now is approximately 5000 square feet. It is equipped with lights, telephones, swings, sound effects, refrigerator, and a microwave. Visitors from all over the country and world visit each summer to see this amazing house.

"In Thy Halls Assembled Here" Productions: The show has been produced three times. The show was first performed in the fall of 1983. Mick received an Outstanding Social Involvement Award from the college.

For the spring of 1985, Mick was recruited for a second three night reprise to help celebrate the city of Mt. Pleasant's Sesquicentennial.

The third presentation was given for Iowa Wesleyan's Sesquicentennial celebration in the fall of 1992. Mick was the 1993 recipient of the Alumni Special Service Award for the 1992 production.



Mick Jurgensen received his bachelor of music education degree at Iowa Wesleyan College in 1984. In 1990, Mick has earned a master's degree in educational administration at the University of Northern Iowa. Mick has also earned a doctoral degree in educational administration in 1997 at the University of Northern Iowa.


Teaching Experience:

During Mick's tenure as a vocal music instructor at Lone Tree Community Schools, he produced and directed 5 - 7 major musical productions per year.


Administrative Experience:

Mick began in 1990 as an elementary principal in Monticello Community Schools and has continued as an elementary principal in Marshalltown since 1996.



Mick's love of technology is more than just a hobby. Mick takes pride and joy in creating innovative productions whether the project is for school, community, or teaching. Mick and I co-taught a technology course for administrators at the University of Northern Iowa.


Liz Jurgensen