Key Features of the Old Courthouse

Sound and Light Show



A script is written that illustrates historically accurate and significant events of the Marshall County area. The script is written in a way that portrays these events through vignettes with voices that identify themselves as significant individuals from the community speaking from their own time. The narrator linking these events together to the time line becomes the "spirit" of the courthouse speaking to the audience from the ages to the present time.


From the script, a recording is made from a large cast of community members selected for their vocal variety, ability to portray the characters from the script, and public recognition. A special effort would be made to represent governmental, business, and educational leaders from the community so that everyone in the community including students from schools would know someone's voice that would be in the presentation.

The recording is then mixed for precision timing and enhanced with music and special sound effects of various kinds. There is also the possibility of special music being prepared for the event.

The Play:

From the outline of the script, a detailed play is created so that each vignette is enhanced through a variety of means which would most certainly include:

  • - live community actors in pantomime to the soundtrack
  • - illuminated silhouettes of significant characters appearing in the windows
  • - brilliant lighting effects
  • - explosions and cannon fire
  • - large video screens to show actual photographs from history

The Production Date and Time:

The date of the production is a key factor. Since the audience sits outside on the lawn, the weather must not be cold. The presentation can only begin after sunset so the presentation must not be too late in the evening for children and the audience to want to attend. The anticipated length of the program would be a minimum of one hours length to an absolute maximum of 1.5 hours in length. "In Thy Halls Assembled Here" was produced in late September to early October or May. It was never rained out.

Rain Date:

I would recommend a variety of strategies to handle the uncertainty of rain. First, I would recommend a Friday and Saturday 2 night plan for production. If Friday is canceled due to weather Saturday would be the only production night. If both nights were rained out the next weekend would identified for a similar plan. If we go to all of this work, the show must go on!